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 Chadwick Enterprises - Who We Are

Simply put: We are urinal designers

For the others, it is not so simple.  For whatever reason, other urinal designers see urinals merely as targets.  For more than 50 years they have been content with urine splashing, vaporizing, deflecting and atomizing… back into restrooms and onto the men who use them.  We all know it.  Yet, the other so-called urinal designers gave us no option.  From one to the next, all other urinals are insultingly similar.

We simply had enough.  We are tired of our friends, our families, our acquaintances, indeed all men… enduring the poor, forgotten state of urinal design. 

That is why The Chadwick is not your typical urinal. 
It looks different:      It is frequently referred to as sexy, organic and stylish.
It works differently:  It compliments its user by eliminating splashback and odor.
It is sustainable:        It creates healthier restroom environments and it minimizes consumption of our precious natural resources.  Simultaneously, it reduces the need for toxic chemicals/deodorizers that other urinals demand.

Why is it so different?  Why not!?!  You deserve it.  Your family, your friends and your clients deserve The Chadwick.  You are effective, stylish and purposeful.  Your urinal should be too!

The Chadwick will transform your men’s room into a sublime sanctuary… a peaceful, relaxing, even inspiring place… that offers you relief from the rest of the world.  That is why our artists and master craftspeople muse over the exterior of your Chadwick; to inspire you and enrich your experience as only fine art can.  Meanwhile, our engineers and scientists design and re-design the interior functionality of your Chadwick to provide you with an experience that exceeds your expectations.  At the nexus of art and science, you will find your Chadwick.

We are here for you, so please contact us with your ideas, suggestions and questions. 


Chad A. Brown
Founder & CEO